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  • Focus on how the human body functions and moves.
  • Apply the latest evidenced based medicine principles to preserve and enhance human movement in all settings and populations.
  • Are trained using multidisciplinary sciences, which include the study of anatomy, biomechanics, ergonomics, physiology, psychomotor behaviour, psychological, social and cultural factors.
  • Strive to be the leaders in prevention of injury and chronic disease.
  • Use exercise as a tool for the management of injuries and chronic diseases
  • Are dedicated to improving performance, health, and overall quality of life.

What does a Registered Kinesiologist do?

Registered Kinesiologists are human movement specialists who work to understand how and why people move the way they do. A Kinesiologist helps people make physical activity choices that will help them lead a healthy life. a Kinesiologist studies the science of human movement and how it can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. Kinesiologists give advice on which activities are best suited to help a person reach their health and fitness goals. By implementing a multidisciplinary approach to movement and human performance, Registered Kinesiologists consider the factors which limit and enhance the capacity to move. Our Shelbourne Kinesiologists are involved with designing and implementing fitness routines for the general public and for those afflicted with various medical conditions.

Who can benefit from the expertise of a Registered Kinesiologist?

The work of a Registered Kinesiologist can benefit all those who move.

  • High-performance athletes.
  • People suffering from an injury or disease.
  • People preparing for or recovering from surgery.
  • Anyone wanting to improve their overall physical health.

Registered Kinesiologists are instrumental contributors to health and wellness.

What can Kinesiology do for you?

  • With life expectancy increasing, Kinesiology can enhance quality of life in our later years by helping to maintain health, prevent injury and disease and improve your prospects for a healthy, independent lifestyle.
  • The help of a Kinesiologist can ensure a regime is developed for you to ensure you are performing at an optimum level – at your job, in your home and on the playing field.
  • The involvement of a Kinesiologist leads to healthier daily living, faster recovery, less pain and discomfort, healthier, safer work places and improved work, sports and mental performance.

Duties of a Kinesiologist

  • Developing a fitness profile for clients and helping decide what their goals are.
  • Developing fitness programs that suit the specific needs of clients.
  • Link clients to the necessary resources to lead a healthy life.
  • Work with Health Professionals to design special programs for clients with various health concerns.
  • Promote a health lifestyle to the general public


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