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Pool Therapy Victoria BCWhat is Hydrotherapy/Aquatic Therapy/Pool Therapy?

Aquatic Therapy also known as Hydrotherapy or Pool Therapy is a type of Physiotherapy that incorporates exercises and manual techniques performed in warm water to rehabilitate patients after injury or to manage chronic conditions. Working in the water allows walking, running and resistance activities as well as manual therapy techniques with decreased joint compression to aid in efficient, effective recovery and to promote early intervention.

Why Choose Hydrotherapy/Aquatic Therapy/Pool Therapy?

Aquatic therapy is an excellent low impact activity for patients of all levels. There are four main components of aquatic therapy make it an effective physical therapy tool:

Hydrotherapy1) Buoyancy: Buoyancy produces a force that supports up to 50% of a patient’s body weight when water level is up waist level and even more when water is deeper. This allows a person to move more easily with decreased stress on muscles, joints and bones making aquatic therapy perfect for patients that have difficulty with weight bearing exercises. The buoyant properties of water also allow patients to exercise even if they have weight bearing restrictions due to fractures, sprains or surgeries.

The buoyancy of water makes it easier to move with less load on your joints

2) Resistance: Resistance in water can be felt in all directions compared to on land gravity provides resistance in only one direction. Multi-directional resistance allows more efficient muscle strengthening increasing muscle tone at a faster rate than most typical land exercises. Resistance coupled with buoyancy allows patients to strengthen muscles while minimizing joint stress, resulting in less pain.

3) Hydrostatic Pressure: Hydrostatic pressure increases with depth of submersion, which explained simply means the deeper you go under water Hydrotherapy Victoriathe more pressure you will have on your body. Hydrostatic pressure during aquatic therapy helps circulate blood from the legs back to the heart resulting in reduction of swelling in the ankles, feet and legs. Reduced swelling helps decrease pain, decrease joint tenderness and increased range of motion. Hydrostatic pressure also aids in increasing proprioception (joint awareness of position) which is important for patients working on balance as well as patients recovering from joint sprains.

4) Heat: Shelbourne Physiotherapy offers aquatic therapy in a heated pool, 85 degrees. The warm water allows muscles to relax, improving flexibility and range of motion. Heat also helps increase circulation and blood flow to the site of injury, providing delivery of oxygen, nutrients and healing factors to the damaged tissues.

Who Can Benefit from Hydrotherapy/Aquatic Therapy/Pool Therapy?

Hydrotherapy VictoriaAquatic therapy is perfect for anyone who requires:

  •  decreased weight bearing
  •  joint protection
  •  post-surgical considerations
  •  cardiovascular and strength conditioning
  •  balance considerations / fall risk
  •  rehabilitation for multiple body parts
  •  pregnancy considerations
  •  an individualized home exercise program
  • recovery from a motor vehicle accident and ICBC claim
  • recovery from a workplace injury and WorksafeBC claim

Group Pool Therapy VictoriaIf you are interested in learning more about our Hydrotherapy/Aquatic Therapy Program ask your Physiotherapist for more information or call (250)-595-5858 to schedule an in clinic evaluation.

Shelbourne Physical Therapy offers Hydrotherapy/Aquatic Therapy/Pool Therapy at the Gordon Head Recreation Centre in Victoria/Saanich located at 4100 Lambrick Way, Victoria, B.C. V8N 5R3

Please call our Rehabilitation Coordinators to inquire about our services in the pool. 250-598-9828.


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