Physiotherapy Fees



*covered under most extended health care plansHydrotherapy


with Registered Physiotherapist (1/2 hr)

Private fee: $80






Kim Lobb, Registered Physiotherapist








Kira Crover – Registered Physiotherapist

Nina Bai – Registered Physiotherapist

nina bai victoria physiotherapist










WSBC Patients are automatically approved for Hydrotherapy visits with an approved physiotherapy claim.

WSBC is billed directly for this service, at no cost to the patient.

Please talk to your physiotherapist about Hydrotherapy if you think you may be eligible for this service under your benefits.


Post operative water therapy has its advantages:

1.) Pain Reduction- The water tends to decrease the sensation of pain.

2.) Less chance of damage to the surgical repair- The water’s buoyancy eliminates gravity, decreasing the chance that re-injury might occur.

3.) Quicker return to activity- You no longer have to wait until you can perform weight-bearing moves on land.

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