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We are pleased to announce that Shelbourne Physical Therapy will now be providing new health and rehab services at Gordon Head Rec Centre in Saanich

These services will include:

Gordon Head Rec Centre Facility

  • Physiotherapy
  • Hydrotherapy – WSBC- with Physiotherapist
  • Registered Massage Therapy
  • Kinesiology/Exercise Rehab
  • Aquatherapy – KIN
  • Seniors Exercise Therapy- KIN
  • Small-group Gym and Aquatherapy -KIN

We are very excited to be joining the Gordon Head Team and expanding the available services to lead you to a healthy and active lifestyle! We are committed to providing top quality service to help you meet and succeed your goals in fitness and rehabilitation in a supported, safe environment.

Shelbourne Gordon Head Reception



Rehabilitation Coordinator: Devon Chan and Larry Muir

Please call 250.595.5858 with any questions or booking requests

Email: ghrehab@shelbournephysio.ca




Larry Muir – Kinesiologist, Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Devon Chan– Kinesiologist, Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Radek Wiechecki – Kinesiologist, Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Nina Bai – Physiotherapist, Hydrotherapy

Kira Graham – Kinesiologist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Evan Rogers – Kinesiologist

Heidi Nottelman – Kinesiologist, Medical Exercise Specialist, Certified Physiologist

Chris Nelson – Registered Physiotherapist, Certified Acupuncture– Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy

Kim Lobb – Registered Physiotherapist – Hydrotherapy

Selena Curvelo – Registered Massage Therapist

Kathy Pantalon – Registered Massage Therapist




Kira Graham, Kinesiologist FMS certified



Dry land, gym or pool sessions

  1 hr Private Kinesiology Exercise Rehab: $75.00

  Private Packages available:

10 for $700 (savings of $50) (70 per session)

20 for $1300 (savings of $200) (65 per session)



*All group exercise and aquatherapy at Gordon Head Rec is run by a Practicing KINESIOLOGIST*

*Initial private assessments with the Kinesiologist are required before joining a group for optimal results and safety*

Group Exercise Therapy


   Seniors Exercise Therapy 

   Devon Chan & Radek Wiechecki

8 week registration  /  $18 per class

3-6 person maximum

Mon/Tues/Wed/ Thurs/Fri 1-2pm,



Small-Group GYM Exercise Therapy

Supervised Strength and Conditioning program- custom program created for each participant progressed throughout session

8 week registration

$28 per session

2-5 person maximum

Tues/Thurs 10am

Mon 4pm

Mon/Thurs 5pm

Tues 8am

Tues 3pm




  Devon Chan

  Mon /Wed /Fri    10am Shallow water      11am Deep water (SUMMERTIME 12noon class)

8 week registration / $12 per class

  Drop-in Passes

12 – $14 – $168.00         25 – $12 – $300.00



Supervised Strength and Conditioning program – custom program created for each participant progressed throughout session

8 week registration 

$28 per class

2-5 person maximum

Mon / Wed 7pm

Mon & Thurs 2pm and 3pm

Tues / Thurs 11am



*covered under most extended health care plans

  Private Physiotherapy

  Nina Bai, Registered Physiotherapistnina bai victoria physiotherapist

New Patients / New Assessments:  $75




with Registered Physiotherapist (1 hr)

Private fee $90


WSBC Patients are automatically approved for Hydrotherapy visits with an approved physiotherapy claim.

WSBC is billed directly for this service, at no cost to the patient.

Please talk to your physiotherapist about Hydrotherapy if you think you may be eligible for this service under your benefits.

Post operative water therapy has its advantages:

1.) Pain Reduction- The water tends to decrease the sensation of pain.

2.) Less chance of damage to the surgical repair- The water’s buoyancy eliminates gravity, decreasing the chance that re-injury might occur.

3.) Quicker return to activity- You no longer have to wait until you can perform weight-bearing moves on land.


Massage Therapy

Selena Curvelo, RMT


     Selena Curvelo, Registered Massage Therapist

1 Hour- $95.00 Including tax


Selena is working at the Gordon Head Rec Centre Tuesdays and Saturdays.

She is also working at our main clinic Wednesdays – Fridays.

Please call 250-595-5858 for an appointment with Selena

or email ghrehab@shelbournephysio.ca





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