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Let our talented Victoria Kinesiologists help you regain your strength, flexibility, balance and ...
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Try exercising in the water at Gordon Head Recreation Centre. We offer ...
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Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapist Selena Curvelo is our provider at the Gordon Head ...
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Our Victoria Registered Physiotherapists Nina Bai and Kim Lobb practice at the Gordon ...

What Our Clients Say

It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial for Anna Marie De Zwager. She is a professional and talented Kinesiologist, and we are fortunate to have her lead our water rehabilitation program. Each lesson brings new challenges, but she supports us as she leads us through. I personally have benefited from this program, as I have had two sets of hip replacements over the years. Anna Marie offers such a variety of water exercises that one always tries that much harder and comes away feeling that much better.

Victoria, B.C.

I have been working with Kira Graham from Shelbourne Physiotherapy at the Gordon Head Rec Centre for the past several months. I have osteoarthritis in both hips, with surgery not in the immediate future when I started working with Kira. I started with an evaluation. Then Kira and I worked one on one in the weight room and the pool at Gordon Head Rec Centre. Next I joined a group class, which met twice a week in the pool.

I went from constant pain, to almost no pain on some days. I used to walk with a slow bent over shuffle; now I am walking taller and even the neighbours noticed the difference! I went from being slow going up several stairs and using a cane on outings, to going up many stairs with confidence and no cane.

I would like to say how pleased I with the high level of service and attention that I got from Kira Graham.  I found her very friendly and knowledgeable. She was able to instruct me in method, style, and reason for every exercise given. For improvement she would modify the exercises to make them more of a challenge. Kira always had a smile and encouraging word. That is not to say that she would let you get away anything, often yelling out “No Cheating !”.  I strongly endorse Kira’s teaching style.

I am very pleased with the results that we have accomplished. It required a lot of work, but it has been well worth it.

– K.U.

pool therapy victoriaThe hydrotherapy program is an excellent program. After attending for 3 months, twice a week I have gained strength in my legs and back and I’m now able to walk unaided. The exercises in the water I can now do  on land.

S.H., Victoria, B.C.

I have enjoyed the rehabilitation classes that Kinesiologist Anna-Marie de Zwager has directed and have been impressed by her knowledgable approach.  Each class has exercised different muscle groups and she has kept the exercise level at an appropriate rate for this group of women.  We attain a good workout without worry of injury in her classes – classes that change often enough keep our interest.

Anna-Marie is always pleasant and sympathetic and shows a great sense of humour.  Throughout, she has shown a professional and mature attitude.  All in all, an excellent instructor.

Victoria, B.C


I have been attending aqua-therapy rehabilitation classes at Gordon Head since 2003 having had major back surgery in 2002. These classes have been part of a success story (according to my medical professionals – an amazing outcome) in keeping me upright, walking and able to live an almost normal self sufficient lifestyle.

Over those years I have had at least 6 instructors in the pool. Anne- Marie started working with our group (shallow and deep water exercises) last summer and I say without reservation she is excellent.

In summary she has shown professional knowledge, good communication skills, a friendly demeanour, respect and understanding for each participant, a nice selection and change to the program to maintain interest. I would recommend her services without reserve and thank her for helping all of us live improved lives. I think we all enjoy each class and we are all so much better for her efforts.

Victoria, B.C.

“I have been working with Kinesiologist Larry Muir both in the gym and in the pool. I find the program’s he has designed for me are very effective and also enjoyable to do. Larry is very easy to talk with and an excellent listener. He is able to readily modify my program when necessary to accommodate my limitations. Most of all he makes exercising fun, which means you will do it. Thanks Larry you always make me smile.”

– JS, Victoria, B.C. November 2016

“I have been attending Kinesiology classes for approximately three years during that time, I have found the instructors (all) go out of their way to help and inform in a caring and constructive manner so l have nothing but kudos to all. The atmosphere is always favourable and good natured by all attending.”


– Anonymous, Victoria, B.C. November 2016

“Having been diagnosed with osteoporosis, I was looking for an exercise program that would address my condition by providing designated balance, coordination and strength training exercises that suit my age and level of fitness. Osteofit I developed by Shelbourne Physiotherapy and currently running at the Gordon Head Recreation Centre is the perfect fit for me. In just 18 lessons I have learnt many things about living with osteoporosis and have received training in a variety of specifically designed exercises that can be adapted to a home program. This introductory program has provided me with the basics I need to allow me to perform my daily activities in a safe way and will hopefully prevent falls in the future.”

– S.C.
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